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Backpack Bling

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Backpack Bling

work completed

Logo Design & Branding
Website design & build in progress


Backpack Bling specialises in kids keychains. With the need to personalise and differentiate their school bags, most school aged children look for fancy items to add to their bags to stand out from the crowd. Backpack Bling has targeted this market & opened up the opportunity to these kids to create their very own unique keychains.

Using my inner child, I drew on the colourful world that is a child’s mind and created the brand for Backpack Bling. Based on a solid black and white base, I added a multitude of colours in hand drawn whimsical dots which dance across the branded items. This fun is also captured in the bling element.

I am currently developing the online e-commerce store which will feature a custom build element for the keychains.

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